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Jun 29, 2018

Interview with David Bruckner the director of one of the best horror movies of the last year "The Ritual".

We covered "The Ritual" on a 'folk-horror' podcast we did recently with the cats from the 'Freaky Fandoms Podcast', Dani Ryan and Andrew Hawkins. Dani joins us on the interview where we talk with David about his work on "The Ritual" as well as the stand-out Anthology work he has done on "V/H/S", "Southbound" and "The Signal".

We were honored to have him on our show and had a great time.


you can find David on Twitter as well as the team from Freaky Fandoms:

David Bruckner Twitter

Dani(elle) Ryan  

Freaky Fandoms Podcast Twitter

Freaky Fandoms Podcast website

Here are links to Streams of David's films:

'The Ritual' streaming on Netflix

'V/H/S' streaming on hulu

'The Signal' zstreaming on Amazon Prime via 'Monsters and Nightmares'

'Southbound' for rent on Amazon and other streaming services