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Nov 27, 2018

S.A. Bradley is not only a favorite guest of the show (he was one of our very first guests), he is also a host of one of the best Horror podcasts around “Hellbent for Horror”

We talk with S.A. about the current state of horror, we delve into some bonkers theories, we make a few controversial statements and discuss...

Nov 26, 2018


Image result for pretty poison 1968


For this episode we welcome a show favorite, John Cribbs. John, along with co-founder Christopher Funderburg, manage and contribute to the long form movie review, discussion, archive and analysis website 'The Pink Smoke' one of the greatest film website situations on this...

Nov 5, 2018

One of my favorite films of the year, and definitely the film that gave me my best movie going experience of the year is Panos Cosmatos’ 2018 film “Mandy”. Dan Pullen and I liked it so much we decided to dedicate a podcast to it…. and for the occasion we invited our friend and host of the show “Film Baby...