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Nov 30, 2020

This very special episode features the great John Arminio, @QuasarSniffer here to help us digest some of Shatner’s wilder and weirder 60’s and 70’s films “The Devil’s Rain” (1975) "The Intruder” (1962) and “Incubus”...

Nov 24, 2020

Dan and Bradley are joined by the genius Marcus Pinn of Pinnland Empire to discuss two abstract horror films that take some very unusual approaches to the traditional Vampire story.

 "Ganja & Hess" directed by Bill Gunn and "The Addiction" directed by Abel Ferrara

You can find Marcus on Twitter

Nov 4, 2020

Dan and Bradley talk with Mr. John Arminio (nicest person on the internet and aficionado of excellent things) and Trevor Stottlemyer (Ambassador Radio) about the 1974 Exorcist-sploitation film "Beyond The Door" and a bevy of other Exorcist opportunist films. 

we hope you enjoy the...