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Sep 10, 2018

On this very first episode of our special series MOVIES ON CRACK We welcome podcaster, writer, movie genius, borderline-nihilist, provocateur and maker of memes to talk about Cronenberg's 1975 film SHIVERS.

Listen to the podcast for all the intelligence we could muster for this totally bonkers, super-fun, and in some ways, groundbreaking film from the king of body-horror.

Bellow are clips, trailers, docs and other tidbits for your enjoyment.

Dan Pullen and Bradley Kornish have both officially agreed that mr. Willian Scurry is an exceptionally nice gentleman and one of our favorite guests ever on Four Brains. Watch the film, Listen to the show, then follow Mr. Scurry on Twitter and listen to his fine podcast, you will be glad you did.


on twitter @WilliamScurry 

His Show, I don't get it: ON ITUNES

His genius daily cartoon bits: