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Aug 27, 2018

Tonight's episode we'll be chatting with James Hancock, that mad movie genius behind one of my favorite online podcasts 'Wrong Reel'.

The films we will be discussing are "Daughters of Darkness" (1971) and "Vampyres" (1974)

The Guest: James Hancock

James on Twitter

Aug 22, 2018

Tonight's podcast was all about some of the most fucked up and confusing films we have ever discussed on the podcast... and we loved them!!!

We are joined by Andrew Hawkins from the ultra-fantastic podcast FREAKY FANDOMS to talk about the 1983 Shaw Brothers films "Seeding of a Ghost" and "The Boxers Omen". Andrew...

Aug 16, 2018

Dan and I had a wonderful time talking with Horror Writer Kealan Patrick Burke about his writing and lots of other kinda unrelated topics. Topics ranged from toilet sharks, elaborate shorts, death, Roman Polanski, poverty, writing stories about people in bars and other exciting things including the time I accidentally...

Aug 12, 2018

On this FOUR BRAINS ONE MOVIE podcast, we are joined fellow podcaster and lover of messed up movies and horror movies Nolan McBride from the DEAD RINGERS podcast. A podcast that explores different films that 'with shared DNA but with distinct personalities.' We like his show because they like fucked up movies, just like...

Aug 1, 2018

In this podcast, Dan Pullen and Bradley J Kornish are joined once again by a favorite guest of ours Author/Cartoonist/Filmmaker Ricky Sprague. We will be exploring the depths of depravity that lie within the Morrissey/Warhol/Udo Keir classics from the 1970's "Blood for Dracula" (1974) and "Flesh...