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Jun 12, 2018

On this episode of DINNER WITH LYNCH podcast, we discuss the immensely interesting and often overlooked film director Curtis Harrington John Cribbs of 'The Pink Smoke'

Mr. Harrington has connections with a virtual whos-who of hollywood's most notorious outsiders, and is a champion underappreciated actors and creators that were so often discarded by the Hollywood elite and the cold-hearted studio system.

From his mentor Josef Von Sternberg, to his friendships with James Whale and Kenneth Anger, Curtis Harrington truly was the most interesting guy in Hollywood.

We explore his life and work as well as the one film that might be considered a masterpiece, his 1961 film 'Night Tide' starring a young Dennis Hopper and with a rare cameo from the notorious Occult figure Marjorie Cameron. We also talk about another favorite, 'The Killing Kind' from 1973 starring a young John Savage, Cindy Williams and the unforgettable Ann Sothern.

As usual, I have provided film clips, trailers, interviews and docs for you to check out before or after you listen to the podcast. I have also posted filmography info.

Some info on our Guest:

John Cribbs is part of the brilliant team behind ‘The Pink Smoke’ Movie Website. The Pink Smoke site is a resource for tons of movie info, as well as some incredible long form film insight and review.

Here are a few links to help you stay connected to John, his team, podcasts and website. Pure Cinema Pod is their partner podcast, John also does a Patreon podcast with Christopher Funderburg, also of  The Pink Smoke. I proudly support (with a truly modest amount) The Pink Smoke Patreon. They have a unique approach with their Patreon... the purpose is to support the efforts of contributing writers by actually paying them a fair fee for their contributions... I think that is pretty great and a concept that I hope catches on.

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