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Jun 21, 2018

Huge thank you's to the brilliant filmmaking team of Benson and Moorhead for being on the 'Four Brains One Movie' podcast. This was a special dual show we did with S.A. Bradley from one of my favorite podcasts "Hellbent for Horror".

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have been working together (we calculated this all by ourselves on the show) for a short nine years. In that time they have released three of the most innovative and talked about genre (bending) films in recent memory: "Resolution" from 2013, "Spring" from 2014 and their brand new 2018 release (Tribeca 2017) "The Endless".

We had lots to talk about on the show including some weird shared cult-like childhood experiences. We also exude our collective appreciation for the films.

"Resolution" and "Spring" are on multiple streaming services and you can watch them now... and "The Endless" is available for pre-order now

The Endless [Blu-ray]

and will be available as a VOD through multiple streaming services on June 26th, 2018

"The Endless" is a must see and will definitely land a spot on my (super important and extremely prestigious) best of list.

Here we have some clips, trailers and movie info for you to check out.

As usual, I take no credit for the details below, I just grabbed the info off of movie wiki's and am providing that info here so you can follow along on the podcast.

And seriously, we highly recommend you watch their films. Their work is heartfelt and thought provoking and highly original.

Clips and trailers are on the BLACKARK Magazine website