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Feb 5, 2018

A Horror Movie, True Crime and Serial Killer discussion with one of Four Brains One Movie's favorite guests and High Priest of all things horror, S.A. Bradley' the man behind the Podcast and Website 'Hellbent for Horror'.

S.A. has a brilliant back catalog of deep coverage of the Horror realms, including film, books and even philosophy. Below are links to everything he is doing. If you don't already listen to his podcast, stop what you are doing now and listen to his podcast instead of this one, you will save yourself and hour of your life and possibly learn something in the process.

This weeks film is '10 Rillington Place' (1971). A beautifully crafted and utterly creepy and terrifying accounting of the sad and cruel life of a con man and Serial Killer John Christie, who once thrived during a war ravaged england. This is a wonderful, thoughtful and meticulously built film that is frightening as hell, yet there is not a drop off blood spilt on screen.



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