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Feb 5, 2024


Dan and Bradley discuss Michael Findlay (and a wee bit of Roberta Findlay) and his infamous FLESH TRILOGY with their good friend, The Goddess of film & Film Historion, HEATHER DRAIN aka MONDO HEATHER. It is your typical MFH episode with lots of off-topic discussion and brilliant insights from our guests. Get your pen out, as always because there will be some new stuff (you may not have heard of) and recomendations.

also, pleas, please do yourself a favor and order The Vinegar Syndrome/Melusine release of Findlay's FLESH TRILOGY featuring full length commentary, on all three films, from non-other than the Goddess herself, Heather Drain - you can order this beautiful set here: VINEGAR SYNDROME/FLESH TRILOGY 

you can view Heather 's great work here: MONDO HEATHER WEB and you can support her here: MONDO HEATHER PATREON 

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